Executive Board

Executive Board Roles



The President is the chief executive officer of the Auxiliary and precides at all meetings of the Auxiliary Board. At the regular monthly meeting of the Auxiliary Board, the President reports on the activities of the Auxiliary.



The Vice-President assists the President and conducts the Board meeting in the event of the absence of the President. At the end of a 2 year term the Vice-President will follow the President into office.


Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary keeps a full record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Auxiliary Board, including a record of all members present. She is responsible for mailing copies of the meeting minutes to all Board members.



The Treasurer communicates and ensures compliance by the Auxiliary and Branches with all financial policies. The Treasurer keeps an accurate account of all monies received and disbursed by the Auxiliary or the Branches.


Corresponding Secretary

The Corresponding Secretary is responsible for all correspondence of the Board, assisting the Recording Secretary whenever necessary, and preparing the Annual Report of the Board.



The advisor is the immediate Past President. In the event the President is unable to perform her duties for an extended length of time or to complete her term, the Advisor acts as President for the interim period until the President is able to resume her duties or until a new President can be elected by the Auxiliary. The Advisor acts as the Chairperson of the Nominating Commmittee.


2018-2020 Executive Board


Lynne Stilley, President

[email protected]


Judy Molt, Vice-President

[email protected]


Gail Rubin, Recording Secretary


Jean Grace, Treasurer